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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have this new power right at your fingertips, then join our group of masterful learners and parents who have supreme confidence in managing, Quality learning with Quality life? You’re on the right track

Designed to targets your child’s attention and maximise the absorption of content.

To Punch-out boredom with fun animated videos.

Our app gives you freedom and flexibility to learn on the go.

Easily accessible lessons, worksheets, quizzes, tests at the touch of button

Feel secure and assured with relevant and to the point content at your fingertips.

No more feeling burdened by unrealistic costs.

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Our “Screenagers” (teenagers with screens) Schools are 19th Century institutions using 20th Century buildings to teach 21st Century students and we wonder why traditional education sometimes struggle to connect. So, if they don’t learn the way we teach, then let’s teach the way we learn.’ – Mark McCrindle

IWhiz seeks to understand the 21st century student. They live life in a hyperlinked world -the most technologically literate and socially empowered generation of children ever. They are highly intuitive and confident users of digital technology. The language of today’s learners is one that communicates content as well as being exciting, social and creative. They value visual and interactive communication with quick and easy access to information

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Parents are stressed, genuinely worried and tired of feeling helpless about their children’s educational future.

Imagine having no stress about your child’s schooling. All their grade needs fully provided for including the teaching, monitoring and feedback! Our iWhiz app puts you in the centre, a leader in your family to give direction to those who depend and look to you for support in achieving their education goals (grade R to grade 12) in a simple, structured and easy to follow way.

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While running her own school Dr Tholsia Naidoo witnessed the difficulties in the education system, and noticed that whilst there are amazing and inspirational teachers, there are also those that don’t inspire and go the extra mile, leaving learners behind to eventually get lost in the system with no opportunity to catch up.

iWhiz aims to revolutionise Education in South Africa. We want South Africa’s future leaders to be thinking deeper about the content they are interacting with and most importantly take the responsibility for learning.

Introduction to us

  • We are an affordable, all in one learning solution that allow kids to stay engaged whilst learning.
  • Our animated, easy-to-learn lessons grabs the learners attention, this maximises learning and punches out boredom.
  • Our app makes the learning experience less stressful on the parents, allowing the parents to play a more passive role and the learner a more active role.
  • Learners are able to learn at their own pace.


Easy payment option

3 Min Animated Videos & Textbooks

Easy-to-learn lessons grabs the learners attention. All books included(Premium Version Only)

Work Offline

Once downloaded kids can engage in carefree learning without the need for additional data(Premium Only)


Exam Prep

Thoroughly-prepared and Fully-Explained teacher walk through of past test and examinations to combat any remaining learning barriers.


Strategically structured questions placed in book format to reinforce overall learning.


Rapid Fire Questions based on lessons taught to test retention of knowledge.


. FREE .
  • All Lessons - Short, exciting 3-minute videos
  • Every lesson taught in school plus…. way ... way more. Honestly, 1000’s videos.
  • Free CAPS aligned textbooks for your reference.


R 200 / 600 Per Term / Full Year
  • All Lessons - Short, exciting 3-minute videos
  • Every lesson taught in school plus…. way ... way more. Honestly, 1000’s videos.
  • Free CAPS aligned textbooks for your reference.
  • Teacher driven, guided, walk through learning pathway.
  • Each Subject requirement.
  • Workbooks supporting each learning segment with videos.
  • Exam revision and preparation


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Frequently Asked Questions


Is the curriculum CAPS aligned?

Yes, our curriculum is CAPS aligned

Will I need data?

Yes, you will. Basic version requires data to stream and our Premium version requires data to download our content for offline use once-off

Do I have to buy the whole package?

No, you may buy individual terms, at the cost of R200 per term or R600 for the full year per a grade.

Can I download videos?

Yes, only premium users are allowed to download videos and books for offline viewing

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